Practice Areas

Mansfield Bronstein, PA specialize in prosecuting and defending litigation involving all aspects of real estate industry, foreclosure, short sales, debt collection defense, mortgage modifications and FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) violations. Clients seeking aggressive, skilled attorneys who provide legal services that exceed the usual expectations will find such attorneys working at Mansfield Bronstein, PA.

Disputes Involving Commercial and Residential Real Estate

Examples of the types of cases we resolve regarding real estate issues include:

Tenant/landlord disputes–if you are a landlord suffering from stress or fear due to tenants who refuse to pay rent, refuse to leave the premises, engage in threatening behavior or have caused expensive damage to your property, we can help you receive the compensation you deserve by taking these tenants to court and winning your case. Alternately, if you are a tenant living under illegal conditions initiated by a negligent landlord, we can assist you in rectifying the situation by forcing the landlord to abide by laws upholding the rights of tenants.

Contractual disputes–contract breaches can be financially devastating if those involved fail to abide by the guidelines agreed to in the contract. Whether a material breach, repudiation (anticipatory) breach or other disagreements arise over contracts to which you are bound, our attorneys are ready to take over your case and provide you with the most satisfying outcome possible.

Additional litigation scenarios involving real estate that Mansfield Bronstein, PA can provide professional legal representation include short sales, mortgage modifications, deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure, defense of imminent foreclosure and title claims.

Debt Collection Defense

Most lawsuits filed in a county court system are meant to go after people owing old debts that have been sold by the original holder to overly aggressive and often ethically questionable enterprises for pennies on the dollar. The “junk debt” companies attempt to increase their investment by using harassment, lies and other unlawful means to procure payment from the person owing the debt. Since many people do not know the rules regulating the Fair Debt Collections Act, these junk debt collectors attempt to scare people into paying back the debt (plus additional interest rates that are over the top and illegal) by threatening them with arrest, imprisonment and other horrible consequences. Stop these scammers from harassing you by calling our office and letting us take them to court for possible FDCPA violations.

Foreclosure Defense

Banks have been in the news lately and not for a good reason. Lost paper work, paperwork done incorrectly, documents not properly endorsed, forged signatures on mortgages–all these unethical practices plus hundreds of others have been found to be involved with the “golden” age of mortgage transfers between 2003 and 2008. Now that banks have been caught in a huge bureaucratic scandal, the number of illegal foreclosures has dramatically risen, causing stress and heartbreak to millions of families who trusted their mortgage company. Know your rights as a Florida homeowner if you are being foreclosed on by contacting our attorneys at Mansfield Bronstein, PA who have in-depth knowledge of the foreclosure process in Florida. We have years of experience dealing with unscrupulous lenders who cannot foreclose on a home unless they prove without doubt that they have the right to do so. We can also assist clients in negotiating loan modifications, short sales or other alternatives that have the best interest of the client in mind.


Losing your job is one of the most stressful events you may experience in your lifetime. With bills to pay, food to buy and unexpected expenditures taking big chunks out of your budget, the inability to keep up financially is devastating personally and emotionally. Often, the only way to get out from under massive debt is to file bankruptcy and start fresh, free of debt, worry and the constant ringing of the phone. We know first-hand from helping hundreds of clients how hard it is to make the decision to file bankruptcy but with our guidance and legal expertise, we can help you through this rough period of your life by relieving you of certain debts that you simply cannot pay.

Commercial Litigation

Mansfield Bronstein, PA provides additional legal services for a variety of commercial litigation scenarios including employment disputes, partnership disagreements, franchise issues and business dissolutions. Our goal in handling all types of commercial litigation is to assist clients in avoiding complicated and lengthy litigation by exploring various dispute resolution channels and providing productive mediation techniques that are assertive, effective and beneficial to all parties involved.

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